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APEX seeks to collaborate with likeminded gyms in the Netherlands! We want to work together with gyms with the same vision and values to create new products tailored for them. The final result will both represent the APEX mentality and your own gym culture. Represent your team with APEX wear. If any of this might seem interesting to your gym please press the button below to contact us or send us a message via Instagram! We want to do more collabs in the future. Hope to see your gym soon.



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We will start the process off with really getting to know you and your gym. What is the main driving force of your team?


We will go through an exploration stage together. Finding out how we can implement your ideas into a sleek and unique design.


After exploring through the ideation process together we will go ahead and design unique concepts for your team. Promising to keep reiterating until you are happy.


When you are happy with the final design we will take care of the production process. We will be able to process and deliver your customised gear in 3-4 weeks.

Already have a design? Or already have a manufacturer?

Let us know, we can support in each segment. Only need designs? Let's do it! Already have a design ready? Let us produce it for you! Let's see how we can help each other.


only orientation

Not sure what you want or where to start? Let's talk, no invoices, costs or anything else then brainstorming great ideas. We are always open to discuss visions!

only (co)design

Let us help you design merchandise that suits your vision but that is also unique enough to become a 'brand' in the future.

 only production files

Allow us to create production ready files of your designs. Whichever manufacturer you go to, the will simply understand.

only Production

Already have design and working document ready? But looking for good quality manufacturers? Let us connect you to our trusted manufacturers and create together.




Custom apparel or merchandise?
Let's see what we can do together.

What are you interested in?
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