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The Hannibal Tee

The Hannibal Tee

€ 34,95Price

Slight oversized fit: Yousri is wearing a XL and is 1.96 m and walking around 95 kg.


Unleash the Warrior Within: The Hannibal Tee in Collaboration with Yousri Belgaroui

APEX Wear proudly introduces "The Hannibal Tee," our first collaboration of 2024 with the formidable Amsterdam native, Yousri Belgaroui. This exclusive black heavyweight tee celebrates the fusion of athletic prowess and historical valor, embodying the spirit of the legendary General Hannibal Barca, born in the heart of Tunisia, Yousri's ancestral land.


Design Inspired by Heritage and Valor

Crafted with the modern warrior in mind, "The Hannibal Tee" draws inspiration from Yousri Belgaroui's Tunisian heritage and his illustrious career as a Dutch/Tunisian MMA fighter. Known for his strategic finesse reminiscent of Hannibal Barca—one of history's most revered war generals—Yousri's fighting style is a testament to precision and seasoned experience.

The tee features a meticulously designed panther mantle, echoing the legendary armor of Hannibal and mirroring Yousri's distinctive tattoo. A subtle nod to his early career nickname, "The Baby Face Assassin," is captured through a half-piece gladiator-esque mouth armor design. The backdrop melds a typical Amsterdam church silhouette with Tunisian Roman architecture, infusing elements of Yousri's diverse worlds. Amsterdam's iconic triple X's adorn Yousri's shield, while a stylized oil paint X adds a touch of the city's artistic flair in the background.

Rendered in a traditional brown/tan colorway, the tee evokes the architectural elegance of Amsterdam, complemented by a poignant quote from General Barca that resonates deeply with Yousri, alongside his personal logo.


Product Specifications:

  • Premium Heavyweight 100% Cotton (290 GSM) for unmatched comfortability and durability.
  • Slight oversized cropped fit, drop down shoulders with a relaxed chest fit with regular length. 
  • Embroidered detailing on the front adding to an elegant and timeless design.
  • An outside woven label for authenticity showcasing our new mindset: ‘Fighters are the new creatives.’.
  • A large, halftone DTF print on the back ensuring a soft and light finish that’s stylish and comfortable.


Embrace the Legacy

"The Hannibal Tee" isn't just a garment; it's a piece of history, a statement of strategy and strength, and a nod to the cultural richness that Yousri Belgaroui brings into the ring. Wearing the heavyweight tee, you're not only supporting Yousri's journey but also embracing a lifestyle that values heritage, strategy, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Join us in celebrating this unique collaboration. Embrace your inner warrior and make a statement with "The Hannibal Tee." Limited edition available now – don't miss your chance to own a piece of fightwear history.


Join the Fight, Join Yousri Belgaroui - Get Yours Today!

  • Shipping

    Please allow 1-2 workdays for shipping.

  • Care

    Wash cold with like colors

    Tumble dry on low heat

    Iron on medium

    Do not bleach

  • Fitting

    Slight oversized cropped fit, having dropdown shoulders and slightly more space around the chest and waist. Regular length.

    Yousri is wearing a XL and is 1.96 m and walking around 95 kg.


  • Fabric

    100% Cotton 

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