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Polar Bear MMA Striking Gloves

Polar Bear MMA Striking Gloves

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Introducing Polar Bear MMA Striking Gloves - Elevate Your Sparring Experience!

Are you ready to take your sparring sessions to the next level? At APEX, we understand the importance of safe and realistic fight simulations. That's why we've meticulously crafted our Polar Bear MMA Striking Gloves through extensive research and development in collaboration with our elite fighters. Part of the APEX Predator Series, focusing on performance products.

Why Choose Our MMA 'Striking' Gloves?

🥊Extra Protection: Our gloves feature slightly larger padding, spar with more intensity with while staying safe. Keep your yourself and your partners safe(unless you are Alex Pereira, that power is untameable).

💪 Exceptional Wrist Support: Say goodbye to wrist injuries! Our long strap system provides extra support to keep you in the game, injury-free.

🤝 Versatile Design: Our gloves offer the ideal balance between striking and grappling. You'll have the mobility you need to execute basic grappling sequences while keeping your fists closed for safety.

👊 Unique Style: Stand out with our eye-catching asymmetric design that embodies our motto, 'Join The Fight.' Your sparring partners will recognize your team mentality with every hit(Whether they like it or not).

⚪ Sleek Aesthetic: The clean white exterior, paired with our bold colored motto, draws inspiration from the calm yet fierce Polar Bear.

🌟 Personal Connection: We've added our branding inside and a message to inspire you.

🌍 Represent Your Roots: The label proudly displays our connection the growing Dutch MMA scene, we are on the rise baby!


Key Features:

  • 🐾 Unique APEX Design Inspired by the Polar Bear
  • 🥋 Thicker Padding Sparring Gloves (7-8 oz)
  • 🤲 Long Strap System for Extra Wrist Protection
  • 🧤 Open Palm Design
  • ✊ Closed Fist Form (Protect Your Teammates' Eyes)
  • 🌱 Vegan Leather (Cruelty-free, Eco-friendly, and Designed Specifically for MMA)


It's time to revolutionize your sparring sessions with our Polar Bear MMA Striking Gloves. Join the APEX community and embrace the spirit of the fight. Elevate your game, protect your team, and make a powerful statement with each strike.

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